Return of all cards. PLEASE READ.

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Following the announcement (issued 11/09/2022) posted to the customer Facebook group and emailed to customers who ordered via the website - there has been varying degrees of feedback, conversations as well as speculation and accusations.

I have been advised, strictly, to focus on the matters at hand in terms of what I am obliged to do as a service provider for you. In short this is; provide the service paid for or provide return and refund.

As such and effective immediately:


This process is expected to take 3-4 weeks total for all customers to have cards returned to them. (Cards coming back from overseas are the reason for this time-frame)


This then leaves the matter of refunds for services not provided. (Refund)

Given the current financial situation, with no guarantee of resolution of the incident leading to this situation - I understand waiting is not an option for people.

Individuals have already started raising cases for return of funds paid with banks, credit card providers, PayPal etc. It would be negligent for me to advise against doing this, so please proceed as you wish in this regard.


To reiterate, my focus right now is the return of all cards to customers. Once completed I will focus on the financial elements on a customer-by-customer basis.

For various reasons, communication with individuals on a one-to-one basis will be limited due to viability, time and advised practice - certainly until the first element (Return) is complete.

The next communication you will receive from me (individually) will be:

  • Confirmation of cards here for return to you.
  • Request for confirmation of address.

The above will be sent once cards are already here and ready to be returned.



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