General update. March 2023.

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Customers cards returned.

The returning of raw cards is now 95% complete.

Any cards we still have here is because of the following:

- Not able to contact.
- No confirmation of return address.
- Requested to hold cards whilst away/similar.

If you are waiting on raw cards being returned, please email immediately. (

Settled claims.

The following totals have been claimed (customers) and paid out (by banks etc) to date:

  • Website chargebacks of $43,000 AUD to date.
  • PayPal of approx $30,000 AUD to date.
  • PayID of approx $15,000 AUD to date.

NAB (the bank linked to the main PayID) no longer communicates with me following them closing all banking for me after the influx of claims.

I continue to accept all claims that come via banks/financial institutions, currently I am only able to proactively accept chargeback claims that come via website purchases. All chargeback claims have been manually approved and accepted.


There is no money to refund customers. All monies returned have been paid directly by financial institutions - which is personal debt I am accruing with these institutions.


All communications should be directed to the email -

All emails of abuse, threats and/or similar are blocked and reported.


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